Iaorana e Maeva i Motu Iti!

Ideally located between Cook and Opunohu Bays, Pension Motu Iti offers a unique ambiance, with its calm and fresh inner garden, and its unique sandy beach.

With 3 beach bungalows,2 garden bungalows, an overwater sundeck and a gourmet restaurant, the pension offers a wide array of services in a unique atmosphere everyone will appreciate.

A superb and calm area.
Your stay in Pension Motu Iti will be an "out of this world" moment, every need or commodity being thought about, with the restaurant, boutique, cocktails, activities and general leisure at your disposal.
Upon your arrival, take a lagoon tour.

Auguste and Dora Ienfa, the owners, will welcome you upon arrival and will make sure, with their employees, that you won't forget your "Motu Iti" experience.

On arrival, you will enjoy the gorgeous site, from the sundeck, while waiting for your lunch or any activity the pension offers.
Enjoying the sundeck.
Motu Iti's restaurant is among the best tables on the island and many neighbours come to taste the menu, sitting in the fresh terrace, while taking appetizers.
The Motu Iti Restaurant,
with its fresh terrace.

Motu Iti has Internet access
through a fast ISDN line.
The pension uses modern tools, offering Internet Access, 2 self service PCs, printer, scanner and webcams. Stay in touch with your relatives while enjoying a tropical cocktail !

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